Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Favorite Sound

Has your heart been singing? Mine has been oddly silent for months on end. The problem is the absence of melody. What I mean is that my heart reverberates when Jess tells a farm story, when Heather mixes an incredible drink or bakes a baguette, when Reed learned something new and absolutely must share it, when Angel gives a hug, when Noah plays charades, when Michelle busts out in spontaneous dance, when Chris plays just the right album for the moment, when Lesley does something incredibly maternal, when Megan hears a dirty joke, when Noelle sees a stray cat, when Tami instantly makes strangers feel at ease. The list goes on and these small events in a day create the beautiful hum of life. These things have been too far away from me. There is good news. When my new friend Ian laughs, I remember how much I love this life and all that is around me. If your heart is stifled, I have some suggestions:

1. A camping trip. Bring ridiculously good food.
2. Midnight kayaking under a full moon.
3. Late night hot springs.
4. Hiking somewhere you have never been.
5. A fancy dinner party. You must dress up.